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With work on the bike park wrapping up we've turned our attention to installing custom technical trail features on the Intermediate Jack Rabbit flow trail at Glade Run Recreation Area in Farmington, NM.

This flowy and technical trail makes use of the natural terrain & varied landscape, creating a fun experience for intermediate level riders. The addition of wood and steel fabricated trail features will add a progressive element for riders as they navigate banked corners, rollers and jumps.

Each trail feature, both earthen and engineered will have alternate entrance options which allow riders to bypass the more difficult route if need be. The majority of the technical features will be comprised of a steel frame with wooden decking. Features of this construction require little maintenance over their lifespan and are easily repaired when the need arises, compared to traditional earthen construction.

After a two year hiatus we’re back at Valley Vista, an 8 mile trail network just outside of Pleasant Grove, UT. We’re onsite to continue constructing Phase 3 of the Valley Vista master plan, which will add 3 additional miles to the existing trail network.

We’re currently working on a new climbing trail, descent trail and additional connecting segments to allow for previously built segments to be integrated within the network.

The original 8 miles constructed in 2016 were focused on riders of all abilities. The character of these trails offered smooth flow on beginner trails while implementing technical, natural features into the more advanced trails.

In 2019, in partnership with Dirt Dojo we were able to construct an additional 5.5 miles of trail in this trail system. The 2019 construction was designed to be more difficult and provide progressive challenges to users looking to advance their skills.

We’re excited to be back in the valley and extend an already fantastic trail network!

The weather gods have been merciful this year, as we cut new flow trails for the Colorado Mountain College Spring Valley campus near Glenwood Springs, CO.

map of proposed mountain bike flow trails
Proposed network expansion

We've started off the project with the implementation of a new green beginner trail as well as an advanced expert rated trail.

Green Flow Trail

The beginner trail is approximately 1 mile in length and will be situated between the existing climbing trail and the blue descent trail. This trail will provide the easiest route down the network paralleling the service road and existing climbing trail, with few obstacles. Beginner trails are the first step to a well designed network that allows for new riders to become accustomed to the terrain and progress their skills.

Black Flow Trail

The advanced descent trail is approximately 1.04 miles in length, providing steeper grades and opportunities for higher speeds. Expert riders will get several opportunities to challenge themselves with the incorporation of large basalt deposits along the alignment. In addition to the technical terrain, this trail will include approximately 10 jumps, features and numerous berms.

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