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It’s been a tough summer up on the Grand Mesa. From rock-laden terrain to toxic wildfire smoke, Mother Nature threw our crews at Powderhorn Mountain Resort a few curveballs, but it wasn’t enough to stop them.

We’re excited to announce that we've completed construction on Prospector, and it will be ready to ride for the 2021 season.

powderhorn mountain resort mountain bike trail map

The crew on this project did a fantastic job navigating terrain that was heavily comprised of volcanic basalt, and in specific sections, they even had to farm dirt from other areas to construct take-offs and landings. The end result from their hard work is a progressive blue jump trail that will challenge riders lap after lap.

volcanic basalt boulder field with forest in background
A small sampling of boulders the crew had to contend with.

The entrance to Prospector starts halfway down Blue Ribbon and opens with a step-up tabletop. During the top half of the trail, riders will encounter rock rolls, table-tops, and sweeping berms on steeper grades as they traverse through volcanic scree fields.

mountain bike jump with berm and forest in background
Go-arounds and rollable features allow for safe progression
step-down mountain bike jump with forest in background
The abundance of rock allowed our crew to incorporate natural terrain into the trail

As riders reach the mid-way point the trail descends into large groves of aspen trees, filled with multiple jump lines, rollers and drops.

mountain bike switchbacks and berms
Going with the flow as the trail transitions through aspens and ski runs
mountain bike dirt jump line surrounded by aspen trees
Multiple jump lines provide options for riders of varying skill level
mountain bike jump lined with berms and aspen trees
Feature sizes increase on the lower sections as riders get to know the trail
mountain bike switchbacks with rock drop and gap jump
Three lines in one. Berm to berm, rock-roll or step-down. Which line will you choose?

The final section of the trail is a fast descent where riders will encounter bridges, creek crossings, and expansive views of the Book Cliffs across the Grand Valley. Prospector exits onto lower Ramble On.

mountain bike berm with aspen trees in background powderhorn resort
Prepare to open the throttle with fall-line descents and fast corners
mountain bike trail with wild fire smoke in background
Approaching the intersection with Ramble On with the Book Cliffs barely visible under heavy fire smoke.

We’re excited to share Prospector with the riding public and we thank our partners at Powderhorn Mountain Resort for the opportunity to continue adding world-class trails to their network.

If you have any comments or feedback about the trail, don't hesitate to let us know what you thought by sending us a message to

We’ll see you on the hill!

- The Team at Singletrack Trails

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Our Chief Encouragement Officer, Greg Mazu, was recently invited to sit down with Marc Gutman from Wild Story, to talk about how Singletrack Trails came to be for his podcast Baby Got Backstory.

During the show Marc and Greg discuss how Singletrack Trails was born, how we approach trail construction as a company and the importance of our trail building philosophy. Filled with insights about what not only drives Greg, but our organization as a whole, this is an episode not to be missed!

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Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a professional trail builder? Do you dream about running your own trail building empire someday?

Our Chief Encouragement Officer Greg Mazu recently had the opportunity to discuss what it's like to build trails as a pro, as a panel guest on the Front Lines MTB Podcast.

The host Brent Hillier and his team bring in guests from a variety of disciplines to talk about issues facing today's trail builders, advocacy groups, and land managers. These discussions hold a wealth of information and provide insights into how we can better maintain our trails, build more of them, and sustainably manage our most precious recreation resources.

In this episode, Greg is joined by Shane Wilson, Project Manager for IMBA's Trail Solutions program, along with Pat Podolski, Owner/Operator of Golden Dirt Trails. The panel discusses their paths to becoming professional builders, the intricacies of running a trail building company, and how their organizations fit within the outdoor recreation ecosystem.

Check out this episode below or subscribe to it through your favorite podcast manager so you never miss an episode!

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