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Mountain Biking



A bicycle skills park that is designed for progression, constructed well and maintained is an invaluable resource for the communities it serves. By providing fun experiences for riders of all abilities, bike parks can quickly serve as a community hub for health, wellness and fun.


With over 15 years of experience in bike park design and construction our team is dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations through every step of the process. From budgeting and cost estimation to design, construction, and beyond our team ensures each completed project exactly represents our client’s vision. 


Cost Estimating 

Understand what your project will cost with a detailed account of materials, labor, equipment, permits and more. 

3D Conceptual Imagery

See your vision come to life with state of the art terrain mapping and 3D modeling of your project concept.

Project Site Analysis

Understand the opportunities and limitations of your project site to ensure the proposed design will work seamlessly with the terrain. 

Materials Selection 

Select the appropriate materials for your project that meet design specifications and budget. 

Feature Design & Fabrication

Add variety and challenge to your park or project by adding jumps, bridges, rollers and more. Choose from established designs or work with our in-house fabrication team to create custom features unique to your project.

Signage & Wayfinding 

Help users get where they need to be with wayfinding elements that direct them safely and efficiently. 

Maintenance Plan

An unmaintained park is an abandoned park. Plan for future maintenance with detailed breakdowns on labor & materials costs and feature maintenance intervals.

Project Promotion

Outreach, marketing and event planning to build awareness around your project.

Risk Assessment & Management

Mitigate user risk with a detailed operations and emergency response plan.

Public Outreach

Set your project up for success. Our project managers help get your stakeholders and community members involved early, to ensure their feedback and input is heard.

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