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We Believe In Getting More People Outside

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That is the ethos of everything Singletrack Trails does. A good trail experience engages the user, providing a fun and soul-satisfying connection with the outdoors; good trail experiences make for more vibrant communities that value recreation as well as the health benefits of playing outside.

Driven by the desire to protect natural resources while providing better experiences for recreating outdoors, Singletrack Trails has been involved with the design and construction of more than 1000 miles of sustainable, shared-use trails across the United States. An active member of the Professional Trail Builders Association, we are a leading trail building company for shared-use trail planning, design, construction, as well as the development of bicycle skills training parks.


Based in Colorado, our company credits its success to productive partnerships developed with federal land management agencies including the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, state, county, and local governments. We also have several beneficial partnerships with private property owners and resorts. Through these partnerships, we have received numerous industry accolades and referrals, maintaining a high level of client retention.


Singletrack Trails employs a dedicated team of trail builders and specialists with decades of cumulative experience. Because of the love for trail building and the outdoors, our staff understands how to build memorable trail experiences. As a result, our staff creates what they would want to experience themselves; a reflection of their dedication to recreation and their love for the outdoors.



Singletrack Trails does more than construct and maintain shared-use trails. We are a trusted partner creating pathways for communities to have meaningful and lasting connections with the outdoors. We provide the dirt conduit to healthier living and stronger communities; communities that see the benefit of getting residents off the couch and out the front door into nature.

Productive partnerships are where great outdoor experiences are born. Singletrack Trails is fortunate to partner with government agencies, land managers and private property owners who value the importance of getting people outside. Our community partnerships have produced many successful recreational facility assets.

Core Beliefs



Our communications with staff, clients, and the public are straight to the point, honest, and full of integrity.


We are caring and loyal to our coworkers and our projects.


Our staff strives to continually improve ourselves, each other, our projects, and our implementation process.


We are crazy committed to working hard to implement projects in the most pioneering manner.


We dependably implement our work to a point beyond the highest industry standard. Our passions drive our motivation, and professionalism drives our product.


We seek to make ourselves and those around us stronger and more able to accomplish our tasks.  Seeking to make ourselves and our team more educated and capable.

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