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Professional Trail Building: Podcast Panel

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a professional trail builder? Do you dream about running your own trail building empire someday?

Our Chief Encouragement Officer Greg Mazu recently had the opportunity to discuss what it's like to build trails as a pro, as a panel guest on the Front Lines MTB Podcast.

The host Brent Hillier and his team bring in guests from a variety of disciplines to talk about issues facing today's trail builders, advocacy groups, and land managers. These discussions hold a wealth of information and provide insights into how we can better maintain our trails, build more of them, and sustainably manage our most precious recreation resources.

In this episode, Greg is joined by Shane Wilson, Project Manager for IMBA's Trail Solutions program, along with Pat Podolski, Owner/Operator of Golden Dirt Trails. The panel discusses their paths to becoming professional builders, the intricacies of running a trail building company, and how their organizations fit within the outdoor recreation ecosystem.

Check out this episode below or subscribe to it through your favorite podcast manager so you never miss an episode!

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