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Pleasant Grove: Phase 3

After a two year hiatus we’re back at Valley Vista, an 8 mile trail network just outside of Pleasant Grove, UT. We’re onsite to continue constructing Phase 3 of the Valley Vista master plan, which will add 3 additional miles to the existing trail network.

We’re currently working on a new climbing trail, descent trail and additional connecting segments to allow for previously built segments to be integrated within the network.

The original 8 miles constructed in 2016 were focused on riders of all abilities. The character of these trails offered smooth flow on beginner trails while implementing technical, natural features into the more advanced trails.

In 2019, in partnership with Dirt Dojo we were able to construct an additional 5.5 miles of trail in this trail system. The 2019 construction was designed to be more difficult and provide progressive challenges to users looking to advance their skills.

We’re excited to be back in the valley and extend an already fantastic trail network!

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