It’s a beautiful time to be in the Wasatch Range just east of Draper. In partnership with The Salt Lake Ranger District and the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance, we’re on the ground at “Jacob’s Ladder”, a high-traffic hiking trail and approach route for world-class climbing in the Lone Peak Cirque.

The purpose of this project is to stabilize and improve the sustainability of a portion of Jacob’s Ladder, a trail impacted by high use and erosion issues. The current trail alignment consists of soils including granitic sand with little vegetation. Coupled with unsustainable grades the trail has become highly eroded with multiple sections of trail forming trenches 2 - 6 ft deep.

The goal of this project is three-fold:

  1. Mitigate erosion issues

  2. Enhance the user experience

  3. Expedite Search & Rescue Efforts

The re-route and new trail alignment will reduce the average grade of this section by 50% while reducing soil runoff into the watershed, supporting vegetation growth, and minimizing future maintenance requirements.

We’re incredibly excited to work on Jacob’s Ladder and improve the access for hiking and high alpine climbing for locals and visitors alike.

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

We're on the ground with a brand new trail at the Pahvant Trail System. The new section consists of 8.6 miles of downhill flow trail that will begin west of the current trail system.

With connections to the already established trails in place, the resulting finished trail has the opportunity to offer riders upwards of 18 miles of continuous downhill riding.

Construction on the system extension will be a phased approach over the next 2 years.

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

We're back out at Johnny Behind the Rocks near Riverton, Wyoming working on Phase 2 of the new beginner trail, "Flowin Johnny".

Phase 1 of "Flowin Johnny" starts just past the trailhead, branching off the existing Red Ridge trail and contours up the side of the draw for .8 miles. The goal of the trail is to build a wide, family-friendly beginner trail. With a tread width of 3-3.5 ft, a modest out slope, and grades less than 5%, the trail offers a flowing and fun experience for all users.

Phase 2 of Flowin Johnny heads southeast back towards the trailhead, straddling the rock formations due east of Phase 1. This section of the trail sports a significant amount of sand, requiring a surfacing layer of 4-6" rip rap covered with 2-4" of crusher fines. The added trail surface will help stabilize the tread and reduce maintenance to the loose sand material below.

Once the trail is complete, the Johnny Behind the Rocks trail system will gain just under two miles of additional beginner terrain complementing the already wonderful existing trails.