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Flowing Johnny: Phase 2

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

We're back out at Johnny Behind the Rocks near Riverton, Wyoming working on Phase 2 of the new beginner trail, "Flowin Johnny".

Phase 1 of "Flowin Johnny" starts just past the trailhead, branching off the existing Red Ridge trail and contours up the side of the draw for .8 miles. The goal of the trail is to build a wide, family-friendly beginner trail. With a tread width of 3-3.5 ft, a modest out slope, and grades less than 5%, the trail offers a flowing and fun experience for all users.

Phase 2 of Flowin Johnny heads southeast back towards the trailhead, straddling the rock formations due east of Phase 1. This section of the trail sports a significant amount of sand, requiring a surfacing layer of 4-6" rip rap covered with 2-4" of crusher fines. The added trail surface will help stabilize the tread and reduce maintenance to the loose sand material below.

Once the trail is complete, the Johnny Behind the Rocks trail system will gain just under two miles of additional beginner terrain complementing the already wonderful existing trails.

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