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A River Runs Through It: Handcut Hollow Endures Massive Rainstorm

Six inches of rain in under two hours. High water lines approaching 5 ft above the normal flow height. Last week the Ozarks were hammered by a massive spring rainstorm and infrastructure, including trails, were put to the test.

The Slaughter Pen Trailhead turned into a temporary lake

The Handcut Hollow has required a fair amount of rockwork to reinforce the trail tread and for good reason. The project zone contains a high number of drainages that directly cross the trail, sometimes running in parallel with the fall line.

When designing, constructing, or repairing a trail it's important to understand the implications of stormwater on the surrounding terrain to properly reinforce sections of the trail that will encounter sustained water run-off. In addition, locating drains properly in low points ensures standing water does not collect on the tread, avoiding further trail damage and erosion.

Our crews in Bentonville have seen rain almost constantly for the last month. Coupled with an insane amount of rainfall in under two hours one day, the armored sections on the Handcut Hollow and drainage features we installed took a beating. Take a look at some of the photos below from the field to see how they held up, and if your trail project is in need of stormwater mitigation, schedule a consultation today.

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