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2021 - 2022

With over 19,000 acres of sandy arroyos, slick rock and rolling terrain the Glade Run Recreation Area (GRRA) is a recreation haven for the residents of Farmington, NM and the surrounding region. Split into two off-highway vehicle use zones, the northern three-quarters of the Glade are managed for limited trail use. On the south end 3,800 acres are managed as an open OHV area. Located in the limited OHV portion of the Glade there are approximately 42 miles of marked trails for motorized trail bike and mountain bike riders.

Partnering with San Juan County in 2021, Singletrack Trails was contracted to design and construct new hiking, mountain bike, and multi-use trails within the Glade Run Recreational Area. The trail system expansion is an important opportunity that will provide lasting outdoor recreation systems, which highlight the surrounding area. Specifically, the outcomes of this project will help to retain a destination worthy amenity having the potential to significantly increase visitor enjoyment of the areas while providing economic growth for San Juan County.

Upgrades to the existing trail system included plans to build a 5 acre bicycle skills park at the East Glade Trail Head, 8.5 miles of new trail construction in North Glade, installation of technical trail features at the Anasazi Loop, and the design and construction of an OHV skills park at the Brown Springs OHV Trail Head.

The project was divided into two phases with phase 1 encompassing design specifications and evaluation of environmental, archeological and hydrological impacts of the new trails and skills parks. Phase 2 involved the construction and implementation of each project site while working closely with biological and archeological support to ensure the preservation of regional plant and wildlife habitat and historically significant artifacts.

As of 2022 construction on the North Glade Trail, Anasazi Area and East Glade Trail Head is complete and each area is open to the public. Work on the Brown Springs OHV Skills Area will begin in the summer of 2022.



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