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2020 - 2021

As part of a future planned 60+ miles of trail near Lander, WY, the Johnny Behind the Rocks Trail System provides mountain bikers and hikers a unique high desert experience within a compact area. With the Wind River mountain range visible on the western side of the system, trails wind and meander through Great Basin terrain that ranges from clusters of pinyon-juniper woodlands and open sagebrush meadows.

Working with Wyoming Pathways in 2020, Singletrack Trails began construction on the first two miles of trail approved for the new expansion. Flowin’ Johnny, a family friendly beginner trail begins at the Johnny Behind the Rock trailhead and proceeds approximately one mile up the draw. Phase 1 of the trail was constructed primarily as singletrack with a wide 3 - 3.5ft tread surface, modest outslope and mellow grades. The end result is a fun and approachable flowy trail for beginners that captures the thrill and excitement of mountain biking.

Phase 2 of the trail heads southeast back towards the trailhead, straddling the rock formations due east of Phase 1. This section of the trail was composed heavily of sand prior to construction, requiring a surfacing layer of 4-6" rip rap covered with 2-4" of crusher fines to prevent erosion and increase usability and enjoyment for users. The added trail surface will help stabilize the tread and reduce maintenance to the loose sand material below.



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