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Start Your Trail Building Career TODAY

We're expanding our dedicated crew of trail artists and we're looking for adaptable, hardworking, team-oriented individuals to help us create the synthesis of connection through trails.


Do you have what it takes? 





James Shockey

Community Development Director

Town of Winter Park

"The community that rides and hikes the trails built by Singletrack Trails is extremely happy with the work they have done in Winter Park. We will continue to contract with Singletrack Trails over the next several years, as their work is superior to other trail companies and their pricing fair."

"Singletrack Trails’ staff has proven to be resourceful, honest, hard-working, and phenomenal builders. Each crew member that I have met has a passion for using and building trails that have been unprecedented with other companies that I have worked with."

Paul Gritten

Non-Motorized Trails Coordinator

Wyoming State Parks

David Deitemeyer

Parks, Trails, and Open Space Planner

City of Colorado Springs

"Singletrack Trails provides an exceptional professional trail building and trail development service. Through a highly qualified crew they provide trails that are well loved, well used and above all sustainably etched into the landscape. They are trail artists!"

"The Singletrack Trails leadership and crew is highly responsive, easy to work with, has fair pricing, exhibit great expertise in sustainable trail construction and maintenance, and provide quality construction that we can count on."

Dan Mullins

Volunteer Trails Coordinator

Ken-Caryl Ranch


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