Singletrack Trails employs a dedicated team of trail builders and specialists with decades of cumulative experience as conservation corps and volunteer crew leaders. Because of their love for trails and the outdoors, Singletrack Trails staff understands how to build memorable trail experiences. As a result, our staff creates what they would want to experience themselves; a reflection of their dedication to trails and their love for the outdoors.


Molly Stack

General Manager

Joining the Singletrack Trails team in 2021, Molly is instrumental in ensuring our day to day operations run smoothly. She is a worldly, friendly and detail oriented individual who has relished a diverse and often adventurous working and personal life. Molly worked creatively and administratively in TV, film and corporate media production for roughly 15 years in Ireland and the UK. After returning to the United States, she explored new avenues through which she could adapt her talents for coordinating logistics and finding outside-the-box solutions, where she could also enjoy the outdoors and get to work with likeminded people.Before she joined the team at Singletrack Trails, Molly was the manager of the Colorado Program at Mountain Trip International, LLC, an international mountain guiding company based in Telluride, CO. When she’s not at the office you might find her hunting for fresh powder on her snowboard, gasping for air on her mountain bike or wandering for days on end through the canyons of SW Utah with her pack.


David "Barney" Barnett

Business Development & Geospatial Project Manager

Having 30-years of experience in information technology, geoscience, and geographic information science (GIS), David contributes to successful project solutions through results-driven process improvement, implementation of modern technologies, strong communication skills, professional customer support, and on-going career development.  David is a certified professional geologist, GIS professional, and FAA licensed remote pilot.


James Flatten

Chief Project Wrangler

James Flatten joined the Singletrack Trails crew in 2007.  As the Chief Trail Supervisor, he is now responsible for ensuring that projects are completed on time and exceed expectations.  His career as a dirt shaper was packed into prominence as the Lead Course Designer and Chief Builder for the Ranchstyle Mountain Bike Festival near Grand Junction, Colorado. Knowing how to build competition courses for the 1% of mountain bikers, as well as extrapolating that knowledge to build dirt jumps, pump tracks, and rhythm trails for the 95%, is James’ specialty.  He has been adding the “free” to freeride trails since 2002. With James on the project and in charge of dirt shaping, everyone will be happy.


Aaron Cholewa

Project Wrangler

Aaron Cholewa joined the Singletrack Trails crew in 2013.  As the Site Supervisor, he is now responsible for ensuring that projects are completed on time and exceed expectations.  His career as a trail construction professional began like most as a volunteer.  Combining his recreational passion for mountain biking and his enthusiasm for advocating for the sport, Aaron began working with the Chicago Area Mountain Bikers Association. Aaron continued his passion for trail construction after moving to Fort Collins, CO to attend Colorado State University. He joined the Singletrack Trails to pursue a career in the outdoor recreation industry and has been essential in the growth and expansion of the services offered by Singletrack Trails.


Chris Khare "Shrimper"

Southeast Project Wrangler

One Man.  One Name.  One Urban Legend.


Shrimper -The Oracle of Brevard joined the Singletrack Trails team in 2019.  Not afraid to harness the gnarness of Pisgah National Forest, Shrimper brings decades of knowledge and experience to our team.  The years of mastering trail and laying down the law with the rough and rugged in the worst the Southeast has to offer makes him a terrific resource and addition.  Shrimper is the lead arm of our North Carolina division but we do try to get him out west into the mountains and desert whenever we can.  When Shrimper isn’t wrangling trail, he’s usually out wrangling his pups, the 2 legged and 4 legged variety.  He’ll also be found roaming the woods on his bike and keeping an eye on the Pisgah and making sure life isn’t taken too seriously.

Shannon Harness.jpg

Shannon Harness

Company & Logistics Guru

Shannon Harness joined the Singletrack Trails crew in 2018 as a digger. With a career background in Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Outdoor Recreation Management, Shannon is now found behind the computer working on web development, logistics, and communications projects. Shannon has been a volunteer trail builder for several non-profit organizations over the past 15 years, and when he's not on his mountain bike, moto, or SUP board, he's probably working to develop new trails in his local community. 


STI Trail Crew


The Singletrack Trails construction crew is composed of over 20 passionate trail users and dedicated mountain bikers. The crew works for Singletrack Trails to feed their addiction for providing smiles to trail users that come down the path later on. They have extensive experience as conservation corps crew leaders and as supervisors as part of Singletrack Trails. Our Trail Crew Leaders and Diggers take pride in the work they leave behind and are always striving to create the most desirable trail experience.