2012 - Present

Black Mountain Ski Area is the vision of a passionate property owner who wanted the ability to experience the finest powder skiing on his own 450-acre private property. Singletrack Trails was privileged to be selected as the designer and contractor for this unique project just miles from Denver, Colorado. How cool is that?

The owner was searching for a contractor willing to build unique and custom ski runs that could be field fit and constructed. Singletrack Trails collaborated extensively with the owner to understand his goals and validate that his dream ski area could be built within the budget. The project is located in a site with 2,000 feet of elevation gain and a significant amount of beetle kill. Establishing a trail system that would be sustainable and minimize soil erosion was a key part of the project. This was a fun one.

Imagine how gnarly it would be to glade out 30 runs by chainsaw in a 2,000-foot elevation change. Yeah, it was intense! But we successfully opened up the canopy and made great ski runs at Black Mountain. This also involved removing fallen timber and chunder to make even greater ski runs.

After the playground was complete, we brought in the heavy machinery to cut a cat track from the base house to the summit of the property. We would like to live here, too, but that hasn't happened yet.



30 Ski Runs


6+ Miles of Singletrack


2 Snowcat Tracks


Erosion Control